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As a purchasing manager you know that efficiency and organization saves both time and money. The more you automate and standardize means less time spent chasing down purchase orders and approvals. Dynamic Systems, powered by Four51° technology, has the solution for your purchasing management needs – a company store built exclusively for you.

Your custom-designed site will include printed products that members of your organization purchase such as A/P and P/R Checks, Letterhead and Envelopes as well as Parking Permits and Decals. Based on individual privileges, users will see only items that they are approved to order. Settings within the system let you create approval rules, spending limits and cost centers. Various reports let you track purchases per user, cost center and item. With our storefronts you truly centralize and organize your purchasing.

Dynamic Systems’ company stores are cloud-based so no software installation is required. All you need is a web browser and you are ready to start. Call us today at (800)782-2946 to schedule a demo and see how we can help you enhance your purchasing power.

The Craig Group of Companies has been working with Dynamic Systems for all of its checks and banking needs for over 15 years. The option of placing orders via the telephone or the internet makes ordering simple, fast and problem free. If there is any question regarding an order I am contacted to verify the request. I rely on Dynamic Systems without worrying if the checks will arrive on time or correct.
Nancy Bowen, The Craig Group of Companies

Enhance your purchasing power with an online store!

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